Importance of Mana

Now your character's Mana is an important component. Mana regeneration rate has been increased. Mana banks have a cooldown. Thus, you can hold down a massively powerful skill, deal a lot of damage in a short period, but lose all your mana. Or deal less damage with single skills, losing mana more slowly.

You have to correctly combine the use of debuffs, select tactics, choose tactics in order to spend a lot of money as efficiently as possible. Regeneration is significantly accelerated, and the consequences do not require a long wait for its recovery. The battles are always dynamic, but holding down one button is not always profitable. Mana consumption for mass skills, healing skills, and debuffs has been increased by 3 times.

As you level up, the speed of using the skill and running increases, but only to adequate levels. This will not be what you are used to on multiproff servers. You will be very fast and agile, but not as if you are a god or a twitchy hero.

The battle with single targets can go on forever without stopping your farming due to mana. At level 20, mana regeneration is compensated with the help of cans, and closer to level 30, the character regenerates up to 50 mana per tick. When you have massive skills and the speed of the game increases, you can speed up your farming by collecting packs of monsters and killing them at once. But you will have to carefully control the character and monitor the mana. Or you can stay on slower autofarming, killing mobs one at a time, but not losing mana.